Azerbaijan`s “Steppe Man” awarded in Italy

“Cholchu” (The Steppe Man), a movie by Azerbaijani filmmaker Shamil Aliyev, was named “Best Feature Film” at the Mirabilia Internation Film Awards, an international bi-monthly and annual film festival, held in Italy.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the results of the competition were announced online.

The “Steppe Man” tells a story of a young steppe man who lives in remoteness from the city, closely tied to nature. His father teaches him the subtleties of life in the steppe. Soon after his father's death, the young man meets a girl from a city. Their meeting becomes a new page in his life, a step to a big life unfamiliar to him before.

The movie has been featured at nearly 85 international film festivals and forums, receiving more than 45 awards.

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