Azerbaijan’s Tariff Council changes retail prices for some goods, services

On January 4, a regular meeting of the Tariff (Price) Council of Azerbaijan was held. 

Appeals from relevant departments were considered and appropriate decisions were made at the meeting, the Council's press service said.

Thus, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has appealed to the council with a request to increase retail prices for natural gas, RON-92 gasoline and diesel fuel in the country.

Despite the economic feasibility of the proposal to increase the price of natural gas, taking into account the social policy, the Tariff (Price) Council did not consider it expedient to increase the prices for natural gas.

At the meeting, the retail price of RON-92 gasoline was set at 1 manat (59 cents) per liter, and the retail price for diesel fuel was set at 0.8 manat (47 cents) per liter. Considering the environmental damage caused by the use of diesel fuel, the price difference has been reduced in order to promote gasoline consumption.

However even following these changes in tariffs, Azerbaijan's retail prices for RON-92 gasoline remain lower than in the most of CIS countries. Thus, current average retail price of RON-92 gasoline per liter is 1 manat (59 cents) in Russia, 1.72 manat ($1.01) in Ukraine, 1.14 manat (67 cents) in Belarus and 1.12 manat (66 cents) in Georgia.

The price of diesel fuel in Turkey is 1.44 manat (85 cents) per liter, in Russia - 1.12 manat (66 cents), in Ukraine - 1.72 manat ($1.01), in Belarus - 1.21 manat (71 cents), in Armenia - 1.19 manat (70 cents), in Georgia - 1.15 manat (68 cents) per liter.

The new rates will apply starting January 5, 2021.


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