Bine Agro CJSC will organize Smart Agro Accelerator

Technological progress is one of the main features of the future development of humanity. So far, innovation and IT development are the integral part of the new expansion, and the pandemic has revealed that from now on, those powerful forces will actively lead humanity to new horizons: technological and food security. Both of these factors determine what mankind will face in the era of global challenges. These ideas were voiced by the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bina Agro CJSC Ilham Nagiyev on his social network accounts.

Based on the understanding of the modern challenges, Bine Agro CJSC, together with partners and friends, decided to organize Smart Agro Accelerator. As Ilham Nagiyev mentioned, Bine Agro CJSC wants to help and support young people passionate about their ideas to realize interesting IT projects.

Smart Agro Accelerator will bring together young, active, and initiative people to develop and promote their ideas in the area of agro and IT enterprises synthesis. Bine Agro plans to provide agro-industrial facilities to study our experience so that IT specialists could introduce working and effective products.

The main purpose of Smart Agro Accelerator is to find the most optimal and attractive IT solutions that will contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan. These solutions can apply to both greenhouse and open complexes, they can be small or large: the main thing in this matter is optimization, business foundation, and the final result.


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