Demand for Azerbaijani gas is growing rapidly – President Aliyev

The demand for Azerbaijani gas is growing rapidly, said President Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state made the remarks while speaking at the opening ceremony of the 27th International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition on the sidelines of the Baku Energy Week on Wednesday, News.Az reports.

President Aliyev recalled that the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council holds a meeting every year.

“The Southern Gas Corridor is already in operation. Now we need only to work how to build new bridges, how to build new connections into connectors, and how to expand our presence on the European gas market. But, of course, now when we speak on 1 June, the situation is completely different. And the demand for Azerbaijani gas grows rapidly. Of course, we need to take that into account but at the same time, our potential consumers should also understand that it is not possible to extract large volumes of gas within one year. For that we need contracts, we need to start and speed up negotiations. We need, of course, to work with our traditional partners, investors, energy companies in order to increase production. And also we need to expand the existing facilities,” the Azerbaijani leader added.


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