Discussions in the UN Security Council resulted in another fiasco of Armenia and its allies

Discussions have taken place regarding the situation in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region at the UN Security Council (UNSC), News.az reports.

Permanent and temporary members of the Council of Ministers, and representatives of the UN, including representatives of Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and Armenia spoke in the discussions.

The speakers expressed their opinions on the topic, made specific appeals to the parties involved, and presented proposals.

In his speech, Azerbaijan's permanent representative at the UN, Yashar Aliyev, refuted Armenia's baseless claims about the 'blockade' and alleged hunger faced by the Armenian population living in Karabakh, presenting facts to counter those claims. Yashar Aliyev emphasized that Armenia's appeal to the UN Security Council for the discussion of this issue is unfounded.

The diplomat noted that what Armenia is attempting to present as a humanitarian issue is, in reality, a politically motivated and irresponsible campaign aimed at undermining Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The discussions at the UN Security Council have resulted in a complete failure of Armenian diplomacy.

The efforts of Armenia, the Armenian diaspora, and the lobby, as well as the pro-Armenian circles, have proved to be futile - the participants of the meeting gathered, discussed, and then dispersed.

These discussions can be described as a failure for Armenia, a defeat for the foreign minister Ararat Mirzoyan, and, overall, a setback for Armenian diplomacy.

Alongside Armenia, its allies, especially France, could not achieve their desired outcomes from these discussions.

This marks the second failure for both France and Armenia – last December, there was also an attempt to bring up the issue at the UN Security Council.

During these discussions as well, countries expressed respect for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and emphasized the importance of using the Agdam-Barda road, acknowledging Azerbaijan's control on the ground - recognizing the realities.

Once again, it was reaffirmed that, as stated by Yashar Aliyev, there was no need for such discussions. The issue should be resolved on the ground, not at the UN and other platforms.

The outcome of these discussions is that Armenia will have to come to terms with yet another defeat. The Armenian population living in Karabakh must also understand that there is no alternative - negotiations must be based primarily on Azerbaijan's conditions.

These discussions once again demonstrated the strength of Azerbaijan's diplomacy.

It was once again affirmed that international law and justice are on Azerbaijan's side, and Azerbaijan wields significant influence at the international level.

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