Expert on Military Trophy Park in Baku: This is completely legitimate, you are proud of your victory in Patriotic War

The roles in the “play” called world politics have long been written down, and France, which home to a large community of Armenians, has always been and will be an ally of Armenia, no matter what Armenia does, Mikhail Finkel, an Israeli lawyer, expert on international law and international politics, told News.Az.

He was commenting on the biased and anti-Azerbaijani remarks by France’s ambassador to Armenia regarding the opening in Baku of the Military Trophy Park, where the destroyed Armenian military vehicles and equipment are on display.

The expert called the French diplomat an ‘actor’, who reads his role from a piece of paper.

“This is the mantra that he should chant. Nothing else should be expected from France and its ambassadors,” he said.

Finkel stressed that the approach of Azerbaijan and its president is absolutely correct.

“All self-respecting countries of the world show trophies, open museums with captured equipment. We have a huge tank museum in Israel, where tanks of our enemies destroyed and taken as trophies are displayed. This is completely legitimate and correct. You are proud of your victory in the Patriotic War, the liberation of your lands. And let France, with its views and ambassadors, go to hell,” the expert added.


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