France has no intention of giving up its ‘dark past’ – Azerbaijani MP

For centuries, France has oppressed various indigenous peoples in the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Ocean, as well as in the American continent, making them victims of its occupation policy, Tural Ganjali, a member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis, told News.Az. 

The lawmaker noted that France keeps pursuing its dark policy today.

“We need to pay attention to the issue related to the Island of Mayotte (the Union of Comoros), which continues to be under the colonial rule of France. As far as you know, the indigenous and aboriginal peoples living on the Island of Mayotte are still suffering from France’s colonial policy,” said T. Ganjali, stressing that the time has come for the people of the Island of Mayotte to exercise their right to self-determination and escape from France’s colonial violence.

The Azerbaijani MP pointed out that New Caledonia and the Kanak people, who live there, are one of the victims of France’s colonial policy. “The Kanaks, an aboriginal people, have been victims of French colonialism since the 19th century. The artificial resettlement of the French has led to a decrease in their number,” he said.

The lawmaker stressed that in the mid-20th century, the Kanak people launched an independence movement led by Jean-Marie Tjibaou. Unfortunately, France prevented this movement with aggressive policies and violence,” the lawmaker added.

The Azerbaijani MP emphasized that France has no intention of giving up its ‘dark past’.

“France continues to use Armenia as a tool for its policy under various pretexts. Unfortunately, the Armenian authorities are unable to perceive this reality. The acts of genocide committed by France in different parts of the world for centuries did not seem to be a lesson for Armenia. France intervenes in the South Caucasus through Armenia. But Azerbaijan, recognized as the strongest country in the region, manages to prevent France’s interventions. Armenia is no longer a subject, it is just a pawn. Given the fact that chess players often sacrifice pawns, this does not bode well for Armenia. They would do well to take a lesson from France’s colonial policy,” he concluded.


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