Georgian President addresses protestors, extends support

Nobody has the right to take away your future. No one has the authority to set up traps, Salome Zourabichvili, President of Georgia, stated in a video message from New York, reports citing

“I’m speaking to those of you who are standing on Rustaveli this evening, as I have done many times myself. I’m standing in New York, and the Statue of Liberty is behind me. Georgia has long fought for this symbol. That is why we have come to this day, and I’m by your side because you represent free Georgia today. Georgia sees its future in Europe and will not let anyone take it away. This future belongs to the next generations and all of us. This is the future that past generations have been preparing for and that we are preparing for. Therefore, no one has the right to take your future away. No one has the right to set up traps,” the President stated.

“This law should be revoked in any way you want. It should be in no way sent to the Venice Commission, and the Venice Commission knows very well what type of law this is,” Salome Zourabichvili said.

“From day one, I said I would veto this law, and I will veto it. I am not interested in discussing it in detail. I don’t care if it resembles some old American law that, as we very well know, serves a very different purpose.

I am only interested in the future of Georgia. I am only interested in the Constitution, which I am a guarantor of. And this Constitution reads that all the institutions of Georgia are obliged to do everything to bring this country into the European Union. The path of European integration should be protected. Those who support this law today, all those who voted for this law today, are all violating the Constitution. They are driving us away from Europe.

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