Governor of Azerbaijani Central Bank talks exchange rate of manat

The main policy of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) is related to macroeconomic stability and price stability, the CBA Governor Taleh Kazimov said, reports.

Kazimov made the remark during a discussion of the proposed amendments to the law "On the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan" at today's meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

He noted that a stable exchange rate regime helps to reduce inflation.

"We'll pursue the policy necessary to ensure the macroeconomic stability of our country. Today, there is a need for a stable exchange rate regime," the official stressed.

Back in November last year, during the discussion of the state budget at a meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, and Entrepreneurship, Kazimov said that the CBA will strive to continue the policy of stable exchange rate in 2023 and will do everything possible to ensure stability.

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