Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan plays important role on global energy market

Azerbaijan plays an important role on the global energy market, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said addressing the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly, held in New York.

He noted that being a reliable supplier of oil and gas to the international markets, Azerbaijan is providing energy security for many countries of the world., APA reports.

“Today Azerbaijan together with its international partners is very close to the completion of the Southern Gas corridor project worth $40 billion. This is one of the largest infrastructure projects of the world,” the president said.  

President Aliyev named another priority area for Azerbaijan.

“Another important priority is transportation,” he said stressing that Azerbaijan, situated between Europe and Asia, is wisely using its geographical location to become one of the leading transportation hubs in Eurasia. 

The president said that Azerbaijan is investing in the East-West and North-South transportation corridors.

“Those routes crossing our country will be the shortest routes from the East to the West and from North to the South,” he added.

The head of state reminded that last year Azerbaijan celebrated the 25th anniversary of the restoration of its independence.  

“The successful development of Azerbaijan once again shows that only when you are free and independent, when the destiny of the country is in the hands of its people, you can achieve success. The biggest happiness of the people of Azerbaijan is that we live in independent country which conducts independent policy based on the national interests of its people,” he added.  


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