Int'l organizations should not be indifferent to Armenia’s escalating hate policy towards Azerbaijan - Ombudsman

International organizations shouldn't ignore Armenia's policy of hatred towards Azerbaijan, the Ombudsman's Office of Azerbaijan said in a statement, reports.

"An atmosphere of intolerance and incitement of hatred are among the factors constituting a primary threat to the protection of human rights. Currently, social media is consistently filled with death threats to Azerbaijanis, extensively employing offensive expressions and inciting ethnic-based hatred, which is a result of the intolerant stance created by Armenia towards Azerbaijan over many years," the office noted.

"We regret to note that Armenia's actions toward Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis have recently been worse, not better, and continue to be taken for this goal. Even a few words endorsing Armenia's erroneous propaganda, which now misleads local and worldwide public opinion, do not achieve a just settlement between the two nations but rather contribute to escalating the war", the statement stated.

"We reiterate the significance of bringing about peace in the area in this context. We call on the Armenian government, significant human rights groups, and human rights activists to adopt a just attitude, uphold the rules of international law, and assist efforts to stop the hatred policy", the statement said.

International organizations are frequently kept informed of and made aware of materials that reflect the effects of Armenia's anti-Azerbaijani stance.

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