Italian portal highlights new tourist zone in Baku’s Balakhani

Italian tourism portal has published an article on the newly-established tourist zone in Baku’s Balakhani village.

The article, titled “The Azerbaijani village that drives tourists and Instagrammers crazy”, says that Balakhani is still a little known place, but the images of its colorful views are already making the rounds of the web.

According to the article, Azerbaijan has turned into one of the tourist destinations in recent years.

“The tourism sector is advancing in Azerbaijan, with the introduction of an increasing number of destinations, alongside the famous and very popular capital Baku and other smaller cities, already well positioned along the tourist routes, such as Sheki, Gabala and Guba.  Among the most Instagrammed places but not yet crowded with tourists is Balakhani, a real gem of Azerbaijan. The village is rich in historical monuments and cultural sites that are gradually being enhanced. With its repainted houses with bright colors, as well as its traditional or modern corners, today the village is is full of very suggestive places that make Instagrammers go crazy who take endless photos and selfies.” the Italian portal writes.

The portal also notes that Balakhani, on the Absheron Peninsula, is known for being one of the world's oldest oil extraction points.


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