Joint Azerbaijani-Turkish exercises serve to strengthen stability in our region - expert

Holding joint drills on a new basis is a very important event that aims to ring our very turbulent region and strengthen the security system, political analyst Tofig Abbasov told News.Az.

He made the due remark while commenting on the joint tactical and special exercises of the communications forces with the participation of Azerbaijani and Turkish soldiers to practice the task of organizing a unified communications system.

"The creation of a unified communications sphere and mutual complementarity is an important point of our joint actions, and they serve to strengthen stability in our region. For many years, the enemy propaganda has tried to instill in the whole world that the military and technical rapprochement between Baku and Ankara poses a threat to some forces. It is absolutely untrue because regions that serve as an important communication link should be protected so that there would be no wars and other risks on the way to greater integration."

According to him, Azerbaijan and Turkey are working together to strengthen security and stability.

"And in this regard, Azerbaijan and Turkey have achieved a lot in recent years, and they think not only about their own security and well-being, but also that of their neighbors. Because the South Caucasus region, to which Turkey also adjoins, plays the role of an important link in the chain of international communication projects. And I think that all the neighbors are interested in having security, stability in the South Caucasus and all the threats and challenges would be neutralized," the expert said.


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