Markhulia: Yerevan preferred to support separatists instead of choosing peace in Karabakh

The participation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in the so-called "inauguration" of the Karabakh separatists once again proved the true intentions of Yerevan. Obviously, no negotiation process in Armenia is being considered and the path of full support for aggression and separatism in Karabakh is being chosen.

The due statement came from Georgian political analyst Guram Markhulia when he was commenting to News.Az on the participation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the so-called "inauguration" of the head of the separatist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh Araik Harutyunyan.

According to the political analyst, Baku, despite all the provocations of official Yerevan in the occupied territories, has been trying for years to solve the Karabakh issue.

"Pashinyan's participation in this show called "inauguration" gives absolutely no legitimacy to the head of separatists. This is yet another pathetic attempt not to leave his puppets alone "on the battlefield". Yerevan is absolutely not interested in peace talks. It either pretends that it does not understand the language of diplomacy or really does not realize the real state of affairs. It is already becoming apparent that Armenia is provoking Azerbaijan into a forceful solution. But they apparently do not understand that the potential of their army is not even close to the military-technical potential of Azerbaijan. It is very stupid and naive of them to count on the infinity of the status quo of the occupied lands. Whether Yerevan wants it or not, the day the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from the invaders will soon come, ”he concluded.


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