Meet Samvel Babayan, killer of civilians, arms trafficker and corruptor

By Ulviyya Zulfikar

Samvel Babayan, who took an active part in the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, especially the city of Shusha, was appointed “Secretary of the Security Council” of the illegal regime created in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. Babayan was appointed to this post by Arayik Harutyunyan, who is the puppet head of the illegal regime and also took an active part in the occupation of Shusha. Criminals are coming to power one by one in the separatist regime.  By the way, Samvel Babayan, whose hands are stained with the blood of Azerbaijani civilians, had been repeatedly arrested in Armenia.

Taking a look at Babayan’s dark past, one can see that in 1988, he actively incited the spirit of war and joined the separatist Miatsum movement, which intended to ensure the annexation of Karabakh to Armenia. In 1989-91, Babayan led a separatist group set up in Kanhendi to annex Karabakh.

In 1995-99, Samvel Babayan served as the “defense minister” of the illegal regime. In 2000, he was jailed for 14 years on charges of an assassination attempt against the “then-head” of the separatist regime Arkadi Ghukasyan. However, Babayan was pardoned after serving 4.5 years of his sentence.

In 2017, Babayan was jailed for 6 years on the charges of a large-scale crime. He was accused of illegally acquiring “Igla” anti-missile system, attempting assassinations against officials using this system, as well as money laundering. However, he was released from custody after the cash was transferred to the court’s deposit. Apparently, Babayan is also a corruptor, arms trafficker and organizer of assassination.

Samvel Babayan, who took an active part in the occupation of Shusha and made a  plan for the invasion of this city in 1992, (As many as 193 civilians were killed and 102 others became disabled as a result of the occupation. Some 22,000 people were displaced, and the fate of 68 captured people is still unknown.) was named a “hero” of the separatists in 1997 for his criminal actions. In an interview, former Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan said that Samvel Babayan was among those who attacked Shusha from four directions and led the group that attacked from the direction of Lachin district. 

All this indicates that the people, who were declared “heroes” of separatists and appointed to high-ranking positions in the puppet regime, are the killers of peaceful Azerbaijanis, as well as arms traffickers and money launderers.


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