Multiculturalism and tolerance ‘integral part of Azerbaijani society’: ECRI report

The Council of Europe's European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has prepared a regular report on Azerbaijan within the framework of the 6th monitoring cycle.

According to the document, since the report was made in 2016, Azerbaijan has made positive progress in a number of areas, the country's Foreign Ministry told News.Az. 

The ECRI report notes that the population of Azerbaijan, including numerous IDPs, has suffered from prolonged conflict and clashes. 

The document positively assesses that since 2020 human rights topics have been included in the curriculum, and practical changes have been made to the legislation in order to prevent racism and incitement to hatred in the Internet space.

It is noted that due to the work carried out by official bodies on the legal status of migrants, in 2021 the number of persons with illegal status was reduced by 10 percent, the access of migrants to public services was facilitated and the issuance of work and residence permits to migrants was accelerated. The document emphasizes that migrant workers are provided with equal rights to social protection with Azerbaijani citizens and access to the labor market.

The document stresses that multiculturalism and tolerance are an integral part of Azerbaijani society.


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