President of Azerbaijan: We understand that U.S. could make contribution to process of preparing peace agreement

"We believe that at a time when a favorable atmosphere for lasting peace and economic progress has emerged in the South Caucasus, the U.S. could play a critical role in normalizing Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, opening communications, and establishing people-to-people contacts," noted President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his congratulatory letter to the President of the United States of America Joseph Biden on the occasion of Independence Day, APA reports.

"In the meantime, we understand that the U.S. could make a valuable contribution to the process of preparing a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on five basic principles submitted by us. The landmines planted by Armenia across our liberated territories remain a formidable impediment to our restoration and reconstruction efforts. We commend the assistance extended by the U.S. to our country for the demining works. We also have great hopes for your country’s support in clarifying the fate of nearly 4000 of our fellow citizens who had gone missing in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict," noted President Ilham Aliyev.

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