President: Oil and gas will further serve for development of our country

"Treatment and landscaping of Bibiheybat ecological disaster zone once again shows that we invest black gold capital into human capital."

"May be you,the youth, don’t remember that Baku’s air was absolutely different. Evaporating oil of this territory on one side, oil wastes of the territory now called “White City” on the other side were polluting the air. Oil polluted soil of that territory has been cleaned. Now the “White City” transformed into modern environment project”.

Report informs that  President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev has today made the due statement at the opening of SOCAR’s Baku Higher Oil School campus built in Bibiheybat settlement of Sabail district.

"I would like to note the SOCAR’s activity today. They together with foreign partners make large investments in the country, as well as abroad. About USD 20 bln is being invested in Turkey. Polymer, nitrogen fertilizers, refineries, privatization and other projects have already made SOCAR a world scale energy company. Oil and gas will further serve for development of our country, while non-oil sector will diversify the economy. Young people will ensure our successful future. Thus, Azerbaijani state will live, strengthen, and our people witnessing this with pride, will contribute to our common goals with great enthusiasm. I once again congratulate you on this wonderful event and wish you success”, head of state added. 


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