President: The main reason for France`s anti-Azerbaijani position is that we have overturned their plans

“The fact that we were victorious, that we won the war probably annoys a lot of people there. Now, when we look back, we see and are further convinced that – although we have seen this for many years during the negotiations – the Minsk Group, especially France, is trying hard not to resolve this issue, i.e. neither peace nor war, the issue should remain frozen and Armenians should de facto live there. We did not come to terms with that, and I think the main reason for such an anti-Azerbaijani position is that we have overturned their plans and they could not save Armenia, which they took under their protection,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by local TV channels, reports.

“I believe that the current situation is the result of the current French government. I hope that a government will be formed in France in the future that will value the relations with Azerbaijan. Because we have always cooperated with them in our policies only with the intention of friendship. I recently said in a closed-door meeting that France can live without us, we can live without France, neither they nor we will feel it. But this is the path, it is their choice and we still haven't done anything against them. We simply responded during the war. Now I don't want to say anything about the high-level contacts during the war. They took place during closed conversations. But during the war, as they say, we had very tense relations. During the war, France openly accused us, slandered us. I now demand an apology from them,” President Ilham Aliyev emphasized.

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