Russia’s constitutional amendments enter into force July 4

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order, setting July 4 as the date when the Russian constitutional amendments come into effect, the Kremlin press service said Friday.

"The amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation <…> will come into force on July 4, 2020," the order says.

In the same order, Putin instructed relevant authorities to officially publish the Russian constitution with the approved amendments. According to the law on amendments signed by the president earlier, the official publication should take place "immediately after the official announcement of the results of the Russia-wide vote."

The nationwide vote on amendments to the Russian constitution was completed across the whole country on Wednesday. Even though the official vote day was set for July 1 by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order, citizens could take part in it throughout the seven-day period between June 25 and July 1 due to coronavirus precautions meant to eliminate the risk of transmission. All votes cast throughout the voting period were tallied. According to the law, the absolute majority of voters who cast their ballots should back the amendments for them to enter into force, a minimal turnout level was not set. According to the Russian Central Election Commission, the changes were supported by 77.92% of the voters at polling stations, while 21.27% opposed them after 100% of voting protocols were processed. The official turnout was 67.97%.

(c) TASS


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