Saudi Arabia was one of countries to stand by Azerbaijan during Second Karabakh War: AIR Center chairman

Saudi Arabia was one of a handful of countries that stood by Azerbaijan during the Second Karabakh War, said Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Board of the Baku-based Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center).

He made the remarks while speaking during a presentation of a report on "South Caucasus - Middle East region: Geopolitics and Cooperation", News.Az reports.

Shafiyev recalled that Saudi Arabia refrained from establishing diplomatic ties with Armenia - the country which has been keeping the territories of Azerbaijan under occupation for many years.

“In the Karabakh issue, we were not only subjected to the military occupation, but also faced a smear campaign by the Western media,” Shafiyev added, stressing that Saudi Arabia is now facing with such double standards in the fight against the Houthis.


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