Several historical monuments in Western Azerbaijan registered as monuments of other countries - deputy minister

Several monuments of Azerbaijani history in Western Azerbaijan were registered as monuments of other countries, the country’s Deputy Minister of Culture Saadat Yusifova said on Monday.

She made the remarks while speaking during the presentation of the second volume of the book “Return to Western Azerbaijan: Tangible Cultural Heritage in Our Historical Lands”, News.Az reports.

“The tangible cultural heritage of each country is its history. Without the past, there is no future. We must always cherish our past. Unfortunately, present-day Armenia is constantly trying to destroy the material and spiritual heritage of Azerbaijan,” the deputy minister said.

Yusifova pointed out that 25,000 monuments belonging to the history of Azerbaijan have been registered in Western Azerbaijan so far.

“Some of them, related to Islamic culture, were registered as monuments of other countries, not Azerbaijan. The monuments in Western Azerbaijan mainly belong to Islamic culture,” she added.


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