President Ilham Aliyev: Unfortunately, some Muslim states call Armenia a friendly country

“Unfortunately, we are still hearing that some Muslim states call Armenia a friendly country. The executioners who ruled this “friendly country” for 20 years came here and destroyed our mosques and insulted us. The whole world should see this. If any claims are made against us, we will respond,” said President of Azerbaijan, Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev as he addressed in front of the mosque in Zangilan, which was destroyed by the enemy.

The head of state said: “Let international organizations come and see this, reflect this in their reports, condemn the occupying state and see what kind of evil we fought against, expelled this evil from our lands, threw them out of here. See what happened to our cities. There is not a single safe building. I have come here all the way from the liberated lands in Jabrayil and Gubadli to Zangilan. There is not a single safe building. All the buildings have been demolished, our villages have been renamed, ugly names have been given to them. Our mosque are in this state now. Armenia will be held accountable. It will be held to account! We have expelled them from our lands, destroyed them and their army.”

“We will restore this mosque and our citizens will come and worship here, the call to prayer will come from here, and life will return to these lands,” the Azerbaijani President noted.


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