Western circles still refuse to react to Armenia’s landmine terror against Azerbaijan - political scientist

The landmine problem is a major challenge facing numerous countries, including Azerbaijan now, political scientist Rufiz Hafizoglu told News.Az.

The political scientist noted that Azerbaijan faced the landmine problem after liberating its territories from Armenia’s occupation.

“After signing an act of capitulation, Armenia has to hand over all minefield maps to Azerbaijan. However, Armenia partially refused to provide Azerbaijan with accurate minefield maps under various pretexts. The accuracy of the maps handed over by Armenia so far is very low,” he said.

Hafizoglu emphasized that Armenia’s refusal to hand over accurate minefield maps can considered the continuation of aggression against Azerbaijan. “The number of Azerbaijanis killed by Armenia-planted landmines is worrying. I don’t believe that Armenia will provide all minefield maps. Armenia may give the maps of some separate areas, but it will not hand over all accurate maps,” he said.

The political scientist stressed that Armenia’s impunity leads to new crimes.

“Armenia is confident that it will not face any sanctions for its actions. The Western still refuse to react to Armenia’s landmine terror against Azerbaijan. Today, anti-Azerbaijani, anti-Turkic, and anti-Islamic sentiments prevail in the West. For this reason, Armenia relies on its patrons,” he added.


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