Zelensky asks G7 to maintain support for Ukraine next year, outlines steps for securing peace

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the Group of Seven leaders Monday to maintain its support for Ukraine next year while outlining three steps for securing peace, News.az reports citing UNIAN.

More military equipment: In a video statement, Zelensky said the first step is a “new force,” and he requested more military equipment from the G7.

“Russia still has the advantage in artillery and missiles, this is a fact,” Zelensky said in his statement. “Ukraine needs modern tanks — and I ask you to provide this defensive capability to us. It can be done right now.”

He also said Ukraine needed more “rocket artillery and more long-range missiles,” adding that Ukraine needs “constant artillery support with guns and shells.”

“The more effective we are with such weapons, the shorter the Russian aggression will be,” he said. 

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