Gevorg Manukyan: I really liked the step of your President - VIDEO

Wed 01 July 2015 11:14 GMT | 16:14 Local Time

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"For me it is a great honor."

The video of award ceremony of the winners of the first European Games in boxing in the weight category of 91 kg with the participation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev have been spread in Aznet yesterday.

Ukrainian athlete of Armenian origin Gevorg Manukyan was among the awardees. The spectators clattered disapprovingly when his name was announced. Ilham Aliyev with the motion of the hand asked audience not to boo the boxer, then people began cheering.

The President thanked the audience with a motion of his hand for understading.
Oxu.Az presents interview of with Ukrainian boxer Gevorg Manukyan:

What are your impressions of participation in the first European Games in Baku?

I have a very positive impression from the participation in EuroGames. The organization of games was at the highest level. I enjoyed both organization and implementation.

Have you recovered from the injury that you got during the European Games and because of which you rejected to fight Azerbaijani boxer Abdulkadir Abdullayev?

Yes, I have, it was a minor injury.

How would you rate your chances of winning, if you would not have been injured?

Before the injury I was in good physical shape. I spent four fights, all won. It's hard to answer your question. So conceptually, it is difficult to assess my chances of winning.

Have you walked through the streets of Baku, got familiarized with city?

I enjoyed  Baku. This is a very beautiful city, I would like to walk around more and admire its beauty. But first of all I came to participate in EuroGames and I have spent most of time in the Athletes' Village. Well, actually, I had not much time to walk around. I was very well received in Baku, and I have no complaints to anyone.

I really liked the area of ​​the State Flag of Azerbaijan. As far as I know, a length of flag is 70 meters and its maximum width is 35 meters. The flag and the seaside are very beautiful. Baku is an unusual city where modern buildings coexist with ancient architecture.

The spectators clattered disapprovingly when your name was announced. I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

Everything went well. I did not pay much attention to it. I liked the step of your president. He is a good man. He shook my hand and wished me success. I have developed a good opinion about him. It is a great honor that Azerbaijani President awarded me.

You probably know that Azerbaijan and your historical motherland Armenia have a war conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. 20% of Azerbaijani territory are occupied, about 1 mln Azerbaijanis became refugees. The reaction of the Azerbaijani audience at the  names with the ending "ian" is linked with this fact...

I heard about this conflict. I know that there is a war, but I'm not interested.

Have you talked to the local people during your walks in Baku?

Yes, I have. Maybe they would not have communicated to me if they found out that I had Armenian roots. And generally speaking, the Azerbaijanis are very sociable and hospitable people.

Will you come back to Baku to participate in sports activities, if you have such an opportunity?

I am pleased to come. I enjoyed everything here. I even got new friends among the Azerbaijani national boxing team in boxing.







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