Germany is preparing for prolonged confrontation with Russia

Germany's commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense efforts against Russian intervention is unwavering.

In May, Germany will provide Ukraine with another IRIS-T air defense system , complementing the two Patriot air defense systems already in place, with a third Patriot system expected soon. This information was shared by German Ambassador to Ukraine, Martin Jäger, during a televised marathon.

Currently, Ukraine has several IRIS-T systems, and another will arrive in May. Additionally, Germany has delivered Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and the newly developed Skynex system. Germany is determined to ensure Ukraine does not falter on the battlefield. The most significant step Germany has taken is severing all ties with Russia, designating it as a primary adversary moving forward.

Germany is channeling financial resources into Ukraine through the federal government's modernization initiative, specifically funding arms deliveries. Military supplies from the Bundeswehr’s reserves are also being provided. To date, Germany has extended approximately 28 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine. This extensive support is intended to bolster Ukraine over the coming years. For 2024 alone, the modernization initiative's budget is about 7.1 billion euros. Despite facing its financial challenges, Germany is prepared to increase its assistance. This commitment is reflected in Germany’s substantial contribution to the European Peace Facility (EPF) , a fund that reimburses EU member states for their military support to Ukraine. Thus far, Germany has received around 31 million euros in reimbursements from the EPF. Future allocations include 6 billion euros in committed funds. In 2023, 5 billion euros, and in 2022, 1.6 billion euros were allocated for Ukraine’s military support to help it triumph over Russia.

Since the war began in February 2022, Germany has supplied Ukraine with Bundeswehr reserves worth approximately 5.2 billion euros. Additionally, over 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have undergone military training in Germany, costing around 282 million euros. Significant expenses are also incurred in treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers and accommodating one million Ukrainian refugees, covering everything from social services to housing and health insurance. Germany is preparing for prolonged confrontation with Russia, significantly ramping up its defense industry for the first time since World War II.

Defense spending is surging across Europe. The era of peace is over. The West is preparing for potential conflicts with Russia, and possibly China, justifying this stance with the need to defend freedom and democracy and prevent Russia from re-establishing its empire.

I believe that direct conflict between the West and Russia is unlikely; instead, the aim is to isolate Russia completely, pushing it out of Europe and into Asia, and severing its ties with post-Soviet states. The West views Russia's intervention in Ukraine as a flagrant violation of international law and a challenge to the "free world." Western liberal elites see Putin's Russia as their antithesis, which explains the harsh critique of Russia's actions in Ukraine, a scrutiny that American interventions in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, and Iraq did not face.

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