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Within the framework of the "WikiTeam for ICT" project supported by Azercell, more than 600 articles in Azerbaijani language related to ICT have been added to Wikipedia

"Azercell Telecom" LLC, the Azerbaijan Information and Communication Technologies Industry Association (AICTIA), and the Innovation and Digital Development Agency have successfully completed the joint "WikiTeam for ICT" project. Within the framework of the project that lasted 5 months, over 600 articles in Azerbaijani language related to ICT were added to the Wikipedia platform.

In the initial stage of the project, a list of ICT companies active in Azerbaijan was compiled, and then, based on their specific activities, detailed information about them was placed on the Wikipedia platform taking into account relevant categories. In this direction, categories and lists have been created on Wikipedia in four languages, including Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, and English.

The main goal of "WikiTeam for ICT" was to establish an ecosystem that would bring together state and private sector participants in the ICT field on the Wikipedia platform. The project played a supportive role in creating useful content in the current field, especially categorizing articles on Wikipedia, in order to ensure easy access for investors and companies to Azerbaijan's ICT ecosystem. Such projects play a crucial role in ensuring the visibility of Azerbaijan's ICT ecosystem in search and artificial intelligence systems.


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