Africa COVID-19 cases cross 99,000

Coronavirus cases in Africa have gone up to 99,062 in the morning hours of Friday, said an update by Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ), Anadolu Agency reports. 

Some 3,082 people died across the continent due to COVID-19 induced complications while 39,085 patients have recovered.

North Africa recorded 31,200 cases, West 27,200, Southern Africa 20,600, East 10,500, and Central Africa 9,600.

In terms of death toll, North Africa suffered the most with 1,500 fatalities, West Africa 578, Southern Africa 389, Central Africa 308, and East Africa 285.

More than 13,500 patients in North Africa have recovered so far, 10,400 in West Africa, 9,500 in Southern Africa, 3,000 in East and 2,600 in Central Africa.

South Africa is the worst-affected in terms of number of infections as the rainbow nation so far counted 19,100 cases followed by the North African nation of Egypt that so far recorded 15,000 cases. But in terms of death toll, Egypt has 696 fatalities while South Africa recorded 369.


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