Al Jazeera continues its series of reports on Azerbaijan

Al Jazeera continues its series of reports on Azerbaijan. Next reports highlights folklore and tea tradition of the southern region of the country.

Thus, one of the reports tells about “Grandmothers” folklore group in Lankaran. The Al Jazeera journalist shows skillful performance of songs passed from a generation to generation during hundreds of years by this folklore group, AzerTag reports. The TV programme highlights that Azerbaijanis consider folklore dances to be a short works of art of their daily life. These dances reflect behavior of various nations, which lived in this country and passed it from generation to generation during many centuries.

The dances are performed during public events and national holidays. They gain compassion of all layers of the society, as well as cause interest among tourists.

“Azerbaijani folklore has dozens of performance forms. We’re proud with the rich synthesis of multiculturalism and folklore in our country,” said specialist in folklore Azad Hasanli in the TV report.

Another report by Al Jazeera was dedicated to the tea-growing.

It highlights that tea is both a life style and means of public relations for Azerbaijanis. Tea is even a part of diplomatic meetings.


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