Armenian diaspora aims to undermine Armenia-Azerbaijan normalization process, expert says

The Armenian diaspora aims to undermine the process of normalizing relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Javid Valiyev, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Baku-based Center for the International Relations Analysis (AIR Center), told News.Az.

The expert noted that the Armenian diaspora is a part of Yerevan’s internal policy.

“Although the relationship between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the Armenian diaspora have disrupted in recent times, the latter is still able to influence Yerevan’s policy through revanchists in Armenia. From the very first, the Armenian diaspora is dissatisfied with the talks on the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Their primary goal is to undermine the negotiation process,” Valiyev said.

Valiyev also commented on the recent attacks on Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions abroad by Armenian radicals.

“Such attacks on our embassies have been committed by Armenian radicals over the past period. A few days ago, Armenian radicals stormed the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris. However, the receiving State has not taken any serious measures to prevent this attack,” he said.

“Given close links between the Armenian diaspora and ASALA terrorist group, which killed 44 Turkish diplomats, the lives of our diplomats are in danger,” said Valiyev, calling on receiving States to take appropriate measures to prevent further possible attacks.

The expert also stressed that the Armenian diaspora is used as a tool by certain states.


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