Armenian social networks about soldiers who died in Karabakh

The Armenian segment of social networks is actively disseminating information about the death of Armenian soldiers in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

In particular, it is reported that on June 6, soldier Grigoryan of a mountain-shooting regiment in Tonashen  could not stand the inhuman attitude and shot himself with firearms. At present, the soldier is seriously hospitalized in one of the military hospitals and is not allowed even to see his parents, reports.

Users of social networks reported about another bloody incident that occurred on June 7 in Hadrut. Called to the military service from Armenia and sent to serve in Karabakh, the soldier could not stand the humiliation of his commander and killed him from service weapons. After that, the soldier shot himself dead. Immediately after the incident, an investigation commission was sent to the military unit from Stepanakert, which is conducting an investigation.

Today, another domestic conflict occurred among Armenian servicemen in one of the military units located in the occupied Jabrail district of Azerbaijan. During the quarrel, the soldier Ishkhan Melkumyan severely wounded his offender Tigran Galustyan from service weapons and escaped from the military unit. The wounded Galustyan was taken to a military hospital in the territory of the Jabrail district in grave condition, and Melkumyan's search continues to this day.


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