Assistant to Azerbaijani President slams human rights advocate Ewelina Ochab’s biased article published on Forbes

“Ewelina U. Ochab, your article in Forbes distorts reality, is one-sided and is used by the propaganda and misinformation machine of Armenia. As human rights advocate you have never raised the rights and plights of million more Azerbaijanis who were subject to ethnic cleansing by Armenia,” Assistant of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, Hikmet Hajiyev wrote in Twitter, reports.

Mr. Hajiyev noted that Azerbaijan has suffered a devastating 30-year-long military occupation by Armenia: "As a result of millions of mines infested by Armenia on a daily basis Azerbaijani civilians becoming victims of landmine terror. Lachin Road is illegally used by Armenia for the trafficking of landmines and military equipment and personnel. But you were in silence over all of these. Your article omits Azerbaijan's proposal to open the Agdam-Khankandi road along with Lachin Road. The puppet separatist regime sponsored by Armenia keeps Armenian residents of our Karabakh region as hostages.

Such noble status as human rights advocate requires being neutral, free from political manipulation, objective, and fair. I do regret that I haven't observed these merits in your Forbes article. Also, regret that Forbes provides a platform for one-sided propaganda."

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