Azerbaijan always supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue - ambassador

Azerbaijan has always supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee said, reports.

The ambassador made the remark during an event dedicated to Kashmir Solidarity Day (marked August 5).

"We highly appreciate Azerbaijan's position on this matter," said Hayee. "Azerbaijan is among the countries, which have openly supported the just cause of Jammu and Kashmir disputes."

"President of Azerbaijan, the government of Azerbaijan have always extended very strong public support. And I want to mention that during the visit of Pakistan's PM in June to Baku, President Ilham Aliyev expressed and reiterated his support, the support of Azerbaijani government for the just cause of Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and we always value that," he expanded further.

He went on to note that today, one of every eight people in Kashmir is a serviceman.

This [Kashmir] is the most unstable territory in the world, he said.

Over the past three decades, Azerbaijan and Pakistan have developed strong interstate relations, which have grown into a strategic partnership. This partnership is based on mutual understanding and cooperation on various international issues.

Relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan are characterized by close political, economic and cultural ties. Warm and friendly relations between the two countries are based on common values, interests and mutual respect.

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