Azerbaijan gets 21% rise in revenues from crude oil export

In January 2017 Azerbaijan exported 1,652,458.12 tonnes of crude oil worth $663,768,370, State Customs Committee told APA-Economics.

This makes up 82.49 of total export of the country.

Compared to a year earlier, the revenues from crude oil export rose 21.27%, though the volume of exported crude oil declined 17%.  

In January 57,721,320 tonnes of oil products were exported. Total worth amounted to $21,573,940. Both volume and worth relevantly decreased by 64% and 31%. Share of oil products in total export makes up 2.68%.

Azerbaijan also exported 209,079,770 cubic meters of natural gas worth $26,988,550 in January, relevantly up 6.7 times and 15.4 times by contrast to a year earlier. Share of natural gas in total export stood at 3.35%.

So, share of oil and gas products in total export made up 88.52%.

In general, Azerbaijan exported goods worth $804,627,990 in January, up 25.71% in comparison to a year ago.


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