Azerbaijan, Korea mark 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations

The Embassy of Korea in Azerbaijan hosted a reception dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Addressing the event, deputy ambassador Kwon Dong-seok said that the two countries have made great progress in their relations for the past 25 years and are determined to further develop the mutual cooperation, AzVision reports.

"One of the main indicators of developed relations between our countries is the activities of numerous Korean companies in Azerbaijan. Of course, there are some areas where our cooperation is not at a high level yet, but we are working to develop those areas as well," he said.

Kwon Dong-seok noted that various events will be held on the occasion of the anniversary, including support for IDPs, the Korea-Azerbaijan Joint Traditional Music Concert, a Taekwondo tournament, the Korea-Azerbaijan Joint Art Exhibition, the Korean Culinary Festival, etc.

The deputy ambassador said that on Sept. 17 the Heydar Aliyev Palace will host a concert program involving nearly 80 renowned Korean artists and taekwondo masters.

"The event will be dedicated to the harmony of Azerbaijani and Korean music,” he added. 


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