Azerbaijan set to raise defense, national security expenditures

Azerbaijan is increasing expenditures on defense and national security, according to a bill on amendment to the law “On state budget of Azerbaijan for 2022”.  

According to the amendment, this figure will increase from 4,489,892,429 manat ($2.64 billion) to 5,084,759,665 manat ($2.99 billion). Of these funds, 2,164,704,591 manat ($1.27 billion) will be allocated for the defense forces, 295,006,782 manat ($173.53 million) for national security, 433,205,951 manat ($254.83 million) - for the border service, and 4,680,977 manat ($2.75 million) - for applied research in the field of defense and national security.

Of the 2,187,161,364 manat ($1.29 billion) which, according to the amendment, will be allocated for other activities in the field of defense and national security, 2,180,442,500 manat ($1.28 billion) will be directed to special defense projects and activities.


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