Azerbaijan starts exploration of ground and surface waters in liberated Aghdam

The exploration of ground and surface waters was launched in Azerbaijan’s liberated Agdam district during the process of building a "smart city", said Ali Aliyev, Head of the National Geological Exploration Service of the country’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

“There are both surface and underground waters in Aghdam. Surface waters are fed from Khachinchay and Gargarchay. The average annual water discharge in Khachinchay is 1.7 cubic meters per second, Gargarchay - 1.28 cubic meters per second,” he said.

“This may not be enough to build a drinking water supply and irrigation network in Aghdam city, in which 100,000 people will live. Therefore, it is proposed to use groundwater as an alternative source,” Aliyev noted.

He stressed that Aghdam is located on the territory of the Karabakh water field, the annual resource of which is 1.9 billion cubic meters. “This water can be used to provide Aghdam with drinking water, as well as supply to the irrigation network for irrigation of about 20,000 hectares of land.”

“However, artesian wells require high energy costs. Therefore, underground artesian wells will be used for this purpose as the waters in such sources are constant, dynamic and safe,” he added.

Aliyev noted that Azersu OJSC will use two water intakes with a total resource of 40 cubic meters per second, built on the basis of new projects to supply water to Aghdam.

“For this purpose, exploratory wells have already been drilled. At the same time, more than 752 wells were drilled in the eastern part of Aghdam by 1990 and although the technical condition of some of them deteriorated, the issue of their restoration and commissioning is being discussed.”

“The use of solar energy is being discussed to reduce the energy consumption of artesian wells. I think that ground and surface waters will be used for the restoration of the Aghdam district. This district has such water resources that it will be possible to supply water to other districts,” he concluded.


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