Azerbaijan - the best investment place for BP - President - PHOTOS

Special relations with BP are based on the fact that this company has been active player in the energy market of Azerbaijan and the world since that time.

Since that time, we have signed several agreements which caused our partnership to turn into strategic partnership. One of them is Shahdeniz. The next is Shallow Waters and others. This is good indicator of the partnership, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the sail away ceremony of the residential blocks and the topsides units of the technological equipment platform constructed for the Shah Deniz Stage 2 platform to Shah Deniz contract area in the Caspian Sea.

“We entrust to BP. I’m sure that BP entrusts to Azerbaijan too. Otherwise, they would have not made such amounts of investments in our country. As Mr. Jones noted yesterday and today, Azerbaijan is best investment place for BP, which strengthens our cooperation. As I said yesterday, they are currently working on extension of ACG agreement. I hope this will happen soon. Moreover, our cooperation in ACG will last until 2050. I’m sure that Shahdeniz will produce more gas than planned. We called ACG the Contract of the Century, but now, I’m speaking about the Contract of Centuries. I’d like to thank once again all our partners, Shahdeniz partners and companies which constructed this equipment. The international team operating in Azerbaijan helps development of our country. I think hosting country creates cooperation atmosphere between SOCAR and foreign investors”, head of state said. 


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