Azerbaijani parliament speaker slams Tehran’s groundless accusations against Baku

Azerbaijani Parliament Speaker Sahiba Gafarova on Friday slammed Iran’s parliament for adopting a biased and anti-Azerbaijani statement containing false and groundless accusations.

Speaking at a parliamentary session, Speaker Gafarova urged Iran to avoid steps that undermine its relations with Azerbaijan.

“Unfortunately, Iran, which has never objected to the 30-year-long occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia and even supported Armenia in various ways, is now worried about the opening of Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Iran,” she said.

“Everyone should know that Azerbaijan is an independent state and establishing relations with any state is its internal affair. No one has the right to interfere with the sovereign rights of Azerbaijan,” Gafarova added.

The parliament speaker strongly rejected Iran’s unfounded accusations against Azerbaijan.

“We strongly reject the groundless accusations voiced by Iran and call on the Iranian parliament to stop its anti-Azerbaijani campaign,” she concluded.  


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