Azerbaijanis in Europe slams Armenian lobby’s attempts to mislead int’l community

The European Azerbaijanis Congress (EAC) held a press conference in The Hague in connection with the Armenian lobby’s attempts to mislead the world community, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told News.Az.

The press conference organized at the Nieuwspoort International Media Center was attended by journalists and a number of officials invited from all over Europe.

Speaking at the event, EAC President Sahil Gasimov noted the urgency of holding the press conference despite the COVID-19 pandemic and extremely hot weather in Europe.

“The reason is that the Armenians, who perfidiously attacked the state border in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district, disseminated fictional and false information about these military provocations in the world media. However, no one has any doubts that the Armenian armed forces relying on their patrons, attacked the state border of Azerbaijan and committed a military provocation,” Gasimov added.

“Moreover, in various cities of Europe and the US, the Azerbaijanis, who fairly protested against the occupation and aggressive policy of Armenia towards our country, were attacked by Armenian provocateurs on the basis of ethnic hatred. EAC has facts, evidence and proofs of the criminal acts committed by the Armenians against our compatriots,” the speaker said.

“The Armenian lobby and journalists, despite the complete revelation of Armenia, are still trying to deceive the world community with false information and fictitious facts. It is unacceptable, because 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands have been occupied by Armenia for almost 30 years," he stressed.

"Despite the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by the United Nations, international organizations and the world community, and the demands for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories of our country, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has not yet been resolved,” said Gasimov.


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