Azerbaijan's Albanian-Udi delegates visit Khudavang monastery in Kalbajar

Representatives of Azerbaijan's Albanian-Udi community, the successor of the Albanian (Caucasian) Apostolic Independent Church, have visited the Khudavang Monastery complex in Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar district, says State Committee on Religious Associations of Azerbaijan, reports.

The committee said that in a church inside the temple complex, community representatives carried out religious rituals and lit candles.

On the grounds of Vang village is the ancient Caucasian Albanian temple complex known as the Khudavang monastery complex (IV–XIII centuries).

Nine buildings make up the complex, five of them are primary buildings and the remaining are auxiliary and service ones.

Many aspects of Khudavang monastery were altered and unlawful repair work was done during the Armenian occupation (which lasted from 1993 until November 10, 2020).

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