Milli Majlis appeals to Azerbaijani government over French Senate’s biased resolution

The Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan appealed to the country’s government over the resolution accepted by the French Senate.

In a statement adopted during a plenary session on Wednesday, the Milli Majlis, considering the ongoing anti-Azerbaijani activity of France, addressed the government of Azerbaijan, calling on it to take the following measures:

- not to allow France to participate in initiatives and events related to Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization, as well as not to hold any discussions with French officials on the subject until the French government provides unilateral guarantees;

- to freeze any assets of French officers discovered in Azerbaijan;

- to prohibit French companies from participating in any projects where Azerbaijan's state orders are carried out;

- to review the energy sector collaboration with French companies;

- to examine Azerbaijan's and France's existing political and economic ties;

- to raise the issue related to France's war crimes (political, war, and against humanity) as the chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement within the international organization;

- to raise the issue of Islamophobic policy of France within the Organization of Islamic cooperation;

- to raise the issue of Islamophobic policy of France within the organizations of Turkic countries.


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