Biden’s “Armenian genocide” statement ‘purely political’ – French historian

US President Joe Biden’s April 24 statement on the so-called “Armenian genocide” is purely political, Maxime Gauin, a French historian and political expert, told News.Az.

“This is a purely political statement, mainly due to two reasons. First, the deep hostility Mr. Biden has developed years ago against the Turkish people as such. Second, his inability to understand the American interests in this part of the world,” Gauin said.

The historian noted that the US influence in Armenia will not increase after this statement.

“Today Armenia depends on Moscow more than at any moment since 1991. Instead of weakening the Russian-Turkish partnership, it will only reinforce it, at least for the short term. We already saw the chief of the Russian Orthodox Church supporting the Turkish point of view on the events of 1915. This statement is political, too—even if well-founded historically speaking,” he added.


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