Bored hotel guest starts making “challenges” for housekeepers - PHOTOS

As anybody who frequently travels for work will tell you, business trips can be kind of boring.

You’re stuck in a hotel for days on end, often eating and drinking and sleeping alone, unless of course you want to hang out with the other people on your business trip, which let’s face it, you probably don’t, Bored Panda reports.

But one traveler, who was recently staying in a hotel in Azerbaijan, came up with a creative way to beat the boredom without having to resort to awkward breakfasts with colleagues. He started to use his pillows and sheets to make all sorts of weird and wonderful creations in his room, and as you can see, his antics certainly made the housekeeper smile! She left him a friendly note whenever he made something, and their game continued throughout his time at the hotel until he ended it with one last sweet surprise for her.



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