Desecration of state symbols is crime: Israeli political scientist on burning of Azerbaijani flag in Armenia

The desecration of state symbols is a crime, Israeli political scientist Yuri Bocharov told News.Az, commenting on the burning of the national flag of Azerbaijan during the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championship in Yerevan, Armenia on Friday.

The political scientist stressed that this provocation should not go unpunished.

“It is worth noting that such incidents only speak of the weakness of the Armenian government, which declares one thing from the rostrum and is completely unprepared to turn its words into deeds. But, in any case, the authorities must be responsible for the actions of their scoundrels, especially since this was an official event, where the Armenian authorities guaranteed security and equal opportunities to all its participants,” he said.

Bocharov emphasized that insulting the state symbols of any country is punishable by law.


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