EU storage gas withdrawal exceeds injection rates, but remains low for January

Since the beginning of 2023, gas withdrawal from underground storage facilities (UGS) of the European Union once again exceeded injection rates against the backdrop of a slight cooling in the region, reports citing TASS

However, UGS withdrawals rates are still at a record-breaking low level for January, and temperatures remain above normal in most European countries.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), gas outflow from UGS facilities in EU countries on January 7 amounted to 122 mln cubic meters (the lowest figure for the entire duration of GIE’s observations since 2011), while the injection volume of 112 mln cubic meters. Although Europe's gas injection into storage facilities has fallen from its record rates of last month and is currently below the withdrawal volumes, it still has set multiple daily records for January in the second half of last week.

The heating season in Europe started on November 14, and EU countries have withdrawn 17.21 bln cubic meters of gas from storage facilities since then. At the same time, the total gas removal from UGS facilities on the 56th day since they reached their record filling volumes is already 8% lower than the five-year average for that day.

UGS facilities in Europe are now 83.18% full, which is 16.2 p.p. higher than the 5-year average, containing 90.03 bln cubic meters of gas. Gazprom cautioned, however, that even near maximum gas stocks at UGS facilities in large European countries do not ensure a reliable passage through the fall-winter period. Because of changes in logistics and gas supply sources, the winter demand on UGS facilities in Europe will be greater than in prior years.

At the same time, Europe's current week will be warm for early January. Temperatures in numerous EU countries are above the climatic norm for the season. Wind generation consistently accounts for more than 20% of EU electricity generation. On January 1, it set another record for the full duration of observations reaching 34.7%.

Meanwhile, Gazprom supplied gas to Europe through Ukraine in the volume of 35.5 mln cubic meters per day via the Sudzha gas pumping station on January 9. The application for deliveries through Sokhanovka was rejected by the Ukrainian side. "Gazprom is supplying Russian gas for transit through the territory of Ukraine in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side via the Sudzha gas pumping station, [amounting to] 35.5 mln cubic meters on January 9. The application for deliveries through Sokhanovka was rejected," the company’s representative said. The day before, the pumping volume also reached 35.5 mln cubic meters.

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