Expert: UNESCO and ISESCO should unite their positions

ISESCO, which is analogous to UNESCO in states of the Islamic world, carries out an important mission to protect relevant historical and cultural monuments, of which there is a big number in Azerbaijan particularly.  I think UNESCO and ISESCO should unite their positions.

Chairman of the "Friends of Azerbaijan Club in Kyrgyzstan" Kairat Osmonaliyev expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

At the same time, he noted that the position of UNESCO, which does not notice the evident facts of destruction and even desecration of historical and cultural monuments of Azerbaijan in areas recently liberated from Armenian occupation, is bewildering. It should be noted that UNESCO has a mandate for the protection and maintenance of historical and cultural monuments, regardless of which country they belong to.

"I have been to Azerbaijan more than once and was lucky enough to get acquainted with examples of the rich history and culture of the Azerbaijani people. And with great pain I read about the atrocities committed against Azerbaijani monuments in the occupied territory by Armenian aggressors," he concluded.


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