F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix kicks off with F2 Practice Session in Baku

The FIA F2 Practice Session has started today in Baku on June 4, as part of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

On the second day of races, June 5, the F2 sprint race will take place first, followed by the third F1 free practice, and in the afternoon, the F1 order race and the F2 sprint competition.

On June 6, the FIA Formula 2 competition will take place first, followed by the presentation of the pilots, and in the afternoon the main F1 competition will take place.

The National Anthem of Azerbaijan will be played before the start, followed with holding the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan from 16.00 (GMT+4) to 18:00, and determining the winner.

The races will be held until June 6.


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