Former Ombudsman of Moldova on the striking of Ganja by Armenia: ORDINARY FASCISM

Tonight, the Armenian armed forces conducted another bombardment of the peaceful city of Ganja, which is far from the front line. This cultural center, the second largest and populous in Azerbaijan, is subject to night-time missile attacks from Armenian territory. The city has no military facilities, no military units, or military equipment. It is a peaceful city a few hundred kilometers from the battle line. There is no limit to indignation, sorrow, and condemnation.

The former Ombudsman of Moldova, Aurelia Grigoriu expressed her opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

"Dwellings and cultural objects have been destroyed, children and old people are dying under the rubble - civilians are dying! In the 21st century, Armenia behaves in the same way as the fascists of the 20th century. Why does Armenia conduct night bombardments? It is clear that these insolent provocative actions are carried out with the purpose of achieving a retaliatory strike on the territory of Armenia and then it will be possible to involve the forces of Russia and other countries in the war. In fact, Armenia today is trying to ignite a new world war in the Caucasus. Now the war is going on in the territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia. Karabakh is Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan started liberation actions in response to another military provocation of Armenia. Azerbaijan is fighting for its territories and on its territory. What is the Armenian army fighting for? It is a well-known and established fact that there are practically no residents on Karabakh's territory except Armenian militants and fighters. Military operations are taking place in those territories," Grigoriu said.

She also underlined that the Armenian authorities, without receiving official support from the international community, decided in such a mean and horrible provocative way to achieve a retaliatory strike against Armenia by Azerbaijan.

"Armenian fascists don't care that in case of response, peaceful citizens of Armenia will die. Their goal is to spark a new world massacre. Every crime must entail punishment for the guilty. The fact that the criminals Serzh Sargsyan and his clique, who committed the genocide of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly, have not yet been brought to justice entails a whole chain of bloody crimes committed by the Armenian leadership. And this will continue as long as the principle of inevitability of punishment for committed crimes is not applied to all criminals regardless of race, nation, or religion. Why do all international organizations keep silent? Where is your position, gentlemen of the civilized world?"

"What do those who supply Armenia with missile systems think about?" she added. "What goal do the states pursue by supplying arms to Armenia's fascist regime? Your place, gentlemen, is next to Sarkisian, Pashinyan, and others on the prisoners' dock of the international criminal tribunal."

"The Azerbaijanis, the whole world community, all those who have not sold their conscience for 30 pieces of silver are with you now! We mourn for the dead civilians. We believe in your victory!" she concluded.



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